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TypeAreaSize (M2)Rand / M2Available Date 
Shop769 Codonia Avenue Waverley100m2 m2R 6,800.0024/05/2022 
Shop769 Codonia Avenue Waverley6Om2 m2R 4,080.0024/05/2022 
Shop769 Codonia Avenue Waverley40m2 m2R 2,600.0024/05/2022 
Shops443 Leyds Street R175.00 / m2 m2R 13,027.0014/02/2022 
127 Relly Street Sunnyside1003 m2R 1,500,000.0023/12/2021 
Shop769 Codonia Avenue Waverley26m2 m2R 1,430.0024/05/2022 
Willow Park Manor314 m² m2R 19,468.0015/07/2021 
Shop 230Plaza Link Centre 769 Codonia Avenue Waverley45m² m2R 2,430.0024/05/2022 
Shop1B Hazel Close ( Office Park ) 141 Witch Hazel Avenue High veld Centurion 89 M² m2R 7,818.8010/03/2020 
ShopPlaza Link Centre 769 Codonia Avenue Waverley 24 M² m2R 3,096.0002/06/2020 
Shop201B Mercantile Street Proclamation Hill 750 M² m2R 32,500.0001/11/2019 
ShopWaverly80 m2R 55.0013/06/2019 
FactoryPretoria West250 m2R 28.0013/06/2019 
FactoryPretoria West250 m2R 28.0013/06/2019 
ShopGermiston187 m2R 60.0013/06/2019 
ShopHarbeespoort44.17 m2R 63.0013/06/2019 
ShopHarbeespoort52.95 m2R 63.0013/06/2019 
ShopHaretbeespoort21.19 m2R 63.0013/06/2019 
OfficeHartebeespoortOffice m2R 2,000.0013/06/2019 
ShopKloofsig36 m2R 95.0013/06/2019 


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