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AreaSize (Bedrooms)RandAvailable Date 
Michael House 305 Walker Street New Muckleneuk2R 6,730.0009/10/2019 
Aristotle 114 Johnston Street Sunnyside2R 4,840.0009/10/2019 
449 Bengal Street Laudium1R 4,500.0009/10/2019 
Kiowa 361 Leyds Street Sunnyside2R 5,200.0009/10/2019 
Angelbi 104 Johnston Street Sunnyside3R 4,300.0001/11/2019 
201 Unikop 565 Adcock Street Gezina2R 4,980.0001/11/2019 
Marchapie 385 Kersboom Street Pretoria3R 6,240.0016/09/2019 
Salbu Farm 86 Sterfontein Avenue Doringkloof3R 10,000.00 
Riemar 45 Celliers Street Sunnyside2R 5,240.0016/09/2019 
Salbu Farm 86 Sterfontein Avenue Doringkloof2R 8,500.0016/09/2019 
Karon Place 590 Marinus Street Erasmia1.50R 4,380.0016/09/2019 
Nix Place 105 Kotze Street Sunnyside 1.50R 4,100.0016/09/2019 
Michael Andre 133 Celliers Street Sunnyside1.50R 5,000.0016/09/2019 
Polana Corner & Bourke Street Sunnyside1.50R 4,540.0016/09/2019 
Tilematic Centre 303 Steve Biko Road Capital Park1R 3,450.0016/09/2019 
Connaught 207 Jacob Maree Street Pertoria1R 4,100.0016/09/2019 
Lorna Court 293 Paul Kruger Street Pretoria CBD0.50R 3,340.0016/09/2019 
38 Stellenberg , 445 Andries Street Danville0.50R 3,960.0016/09/2019 
507 Woltemade , 116 Paul Kruger Street Pretoria0.50R 2,840.0016/09/2019 
Hendrik Kruger Building 171 President Steyn Street Pretoria1R 3,540.0016/09/2019 


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