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AreaSize (Bedrooms)RandAvailable Date 
232 Schroder Street Groenkloof3 BedroomR 10,500.0006/06/2022 
Plot 64 Rosemary Avenue Wonderboom0.00 R 3,550.0006/05/2022 
938 Steve Biko Road Wonderboom South2 BedroomR 4,540.0001/06/2022 
74 Ilkey Street Glenwood Village Lynnwood2 BedroomR 8,500.0017/06/2022 
526 Edmund Street Arcadia0.50R 3,860.0001/06/2022 
266 Scheiding street Preotia 2.50 BedroomR 5,690.0008/06/2022 
5 Florence Riberio Avenue Mucklenuek 8.00R 3,850.0003/05/2022 
Tamarisk, 1109 Frederick Str, EldoraigneLarge 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Loft, Garden and Garage, Communal Swimming Pool.R 12,800.0001/05/2022 
72 Baviaanspoort Road, Eastlynne1 Bedroom / 2 Bedroom R 4,200.0013/06/2022 
Marlene Court, 73 Bourke Street Sunnyside0.50R 3,540.0001/06/2022 
Marlene Court, 73 Bourke Street Sunnyside0.00R 1,200.0010/06/2022 
260 Clark Street1200R 2,000,000.0017/03/2022 
Sunnyside1 BedroomR 3,610.0015/06/2022 
Marlene Court, 73 Bourke Street Sunnyside0.50R 3,540.0010/06/2022 
Sunnyside2R 5,160.0014/10/2021 
Sunnyside3.00R 6,440.0008/06/2022 
Muckleneuk3.00R 5,780.0009/06/2022 
Sunnyside2.50R 5,000.0009/06/2022 
Pretoria2 BedroomR 6,100.0015/06/2022 
Pretoria Central1.50R 4,700.0012/08/2021 


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